Product Center-Yingchuang Building Technique (Shanghai)Co.Ltd. (WinSun)
  • Winsun-Guangzhou Opera House
  • Winsun-Hainan Internation Expo Center
  • Winsun-Beijing Galaxy SOHO
  • Winsun-Phoenix International Media Center
Winsun 3D printing gives you a different future

Winsun 3D printing construction technology takes the lead in the world and takes up the market with the fastest speed and lower cost.

Technology Patent Output

Brand use; Technical partnership; Cooperative research and development; Technology licensing

Equipment Leasing

Finance lease equipment and technology; Upgrade technology; Cooperative research and development

Cooperative Dreamworks

Joint investment; Serve local market

Embrace the new green technology and make3D printing go global

Welcome the all-round cooperation between different countries, different industries and different fields

Winsun Development & Global Cooperation

Powerful combination of Winsun and Jiayuan——Talent scout of 3D printing construction technology

Powerful combination of Winsun and AECOM——Co-design and plan to print a tech city

Winsun 3D Printing Construction is a successful case of global stratigic cooperative part