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Crazy Magic Stone

Crazy magic stone is a new “stone” developed for many years by Winsun and produced through an assembly line. The materials of crazy magic stone are environmentally friendly and free of radiation, which is a dalle that comes from nature and will come back to nature and then will surpass nature, used in the floor, wall and roof of building.


SRC ( Special Reinforced Concrete) is developed by Winsun for the building personalization, which is customized product. SRC is applied to various heterosexual decoration construction of internal and external building. It makes the building no longer limited to material and riches the form of construction.


GRG, special glass fiber reinforced gypsum, is mainly applied in the internal decoration of grand theatre, stadium, conference hall, commercial complex, high-end club, hotel, sales office.


FRP ( fiber reinforced plastic) is a indoor and outdoor personalized customized materials developed by Winsun to meet the project's large heterosexual furniture, applied in the production of personalized furniture, landscape and functional products.