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Romance and majesty -- Yingchuang invites you to immerse yourself in the 3D printing luxury villa

Today's review is the world's first 3D printed hardcover villa

Simplicity and symmetry accentuate composure

The rooms are square in shape

Functional spatial division and location layout

Reflects the German style rigorous

Romantic and solemn temperament

High foyer and grand door

Round arched Windows and angled stone work

It is full of grace and splendor

The world's first 3D printed hardcover villa

The wall printing took only 1 day, 3 workers, 1 crane, 3 days to complete the installation. Its wall and interior decoration integrated printing, and the wall can be designed as a cavity, adding insulation materials, energy saving, material saving, environmental protection, safety. The building does not change the beam, plate and column structure of traditional buildings and meets the acceptance standards of reinforced concrete construction.

Complex structures show that 3D printed buildings are faster and cheaper

Automatic construction, continuous work, short time limit; Rapid molding, save the process, the operation skill requirement is low, high quality and stable. 3D printers can work continuously and faster; Some homes have been built in record time thanks to the addition of 3D printing technology. Equipment programmed control, stable and reliable quality, can make a very accurate building structure.

Save materials, reduce labor, reduce costs, avoid waste. 3D printing technology can reduce a lot of unnecessary costs, avoid waste of materials, reduce labor costs. All you need is a 3D printer, someone to program, operate the equipment and deliver the materials.

Green environmental protection, reduce construction waste, and can digest urban solid waste, mine tailings. 3D printing automatic operation, low energy consumption; At the same time combined with ink technology and product characteristics, can fully use the city solid waste, mine tailings as printing ink auxiliary materials.

3D printing technology has developed rapidly in recent years. Application of technical standards, technical specifications continue to roll out, print building acceptance basis more and more. Large size 3D printers for printing houses, on-site cantilever printers and other equipment are becoming more and more perfect. Printing ink materials are more mature, many new developed 3D printing materials are entering the market.

It is expected that more 3D printing buildings will be applied and promoted in the future, so as to help the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry with innovative technologies, coordinate the disposal of solid waste resources, and boost the construction of "low-carbon" and "waste-free city"!

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