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Global first 3D printing architecture demonstration enterprise emerged

Takungpao News: On November 19, Zhejiang Jiayuan Real Estate Group ( short for “ Jiayuan” formally reached cooperation with Yingchuang Building Technique ( Shanghai ) ( short for Yingchuang ) to build global first 3D printing architecture demonstration enterprise --- Jiayuan Winsun Technology Development Co.,Ltd ( hereinafter refered to as Jiayuan Winsun), marking that the industrial revolution of real estate industry is coming. 

The prototype of the 3D printed building, which appeared in the 1990s, has evolved over the past 20 years and is no longer a laboratory mystery. One important cost of the traditional real estate industry is the construction cost. According to the calculation, 3D printing technology can save 30% to 60% of construction materials, 50% to 70% reduction in construction period, 50% to 80% of labor saving, and at least 50% savings in overall construction cost.

Since 2014 Winsun printed the world's first 3D printing building in Shanghai and then printed the world's tallest 3D printing building. In 2016, Yingchuang began to set up a 3D printing studio and a 3D printing architecture industrial park. However, amid a wave of 3D printing in the global construction industry, questions about 3D printing have never stopped. “ There was a collaboration with a developer focusing on villa construction, but when they heard that our printed material could be a building waste, it was a suspension of cooperation. President Ma said frankly that he has found numerous enterprises and institutions to promote the 3D printing architecture in the past few years. But all of them failed to work together because of "feeling untrustworthy" and the company was facing bankruptcy.

On August 23, 2016, National housing and construction department released “ 2016-2020 outline of informatization development of construction industry”. It stipulates "actively carry out research on 3D printing equipment and materials in construction industry." In combination with BIM technology application, this paper explores the application of 3D printing technology in construction department, component production and demonstration application. This means that the long-controversial 3D printing architecture technology has finally been encouraged and recognized by the state in the application of the construction industry in China.

The reporter learns that, Jiayuan Winsun will be dedicated to 3D printing construction technology in the real estate field application in the future. On the one hand, we should intensify the research efforts in the early stage to promote the evolution of the building technology from handicraft to digital technology, and change "real estate manufacturing" into "real estate intelligence". On the other hand, both sides will further extend the application scope of 3D printing building technology, conduct a wide cooperation on municipal engineering, industrial parks, real estate projects, cultural tourism, medical care at home and abroad to promote 3D printing architecture technology social and economic benefit and promote the arrival of "real estate 4.0 times".

According to Jiayuan president Shen Yuxing, both side has successfully carried out the construction pilot of the wall, landscape sketch and residential road in Jiaxing with 3D printing technology. In Zhejiang Yuyao and Yangzhou of jiangsu, the site selection and plan of the prefabricated building demonstration area was also clarified. In the next half year, the demonstration community will be fully implemented. At the same time, the two sides plan with the Shanghai Jinshan district Fengjing town, Tongxiang Jiaxing spring township government to explore and use of capital means to add 3D print architectural technology full participation "town" development and construction. In 2017, the two sides will also launch on-site 3D building printers and "Internet +" architectural design platforms and plan to tap into the Australian real estate development market with the help of its Australian listed company, Boyuan holdings.

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