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[Emergency Recruitment] Yingchuang 200 sets of 3D printed donation isolated houses urgently need supporting facilities

Emergency recruitment

Following the first batch of 15 3D printed isolation houses were put into use at Xianning Central Hospital. Yingchuang Construction Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. started the second batch of donation houses, and plans to print 200 sets of donation houses for donation to the epidemic area. Corresponding supporting facilities are urgently needed: solar roof doors and windows, electrical appliances, home and bathroom.

Since most companies have not resumed work, if you have the corresponding resources, you have the corresponding supplier contact information, or you have the intention to donate, please contact us.

emergency contact:

Ma Jun 13328039999

Li Qianwang 17601490175

Gui Xiaohua 18816997592

We believe that our joint efforts can provide patients and frontline medical staff with a sense of stability.

Isolated house model

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[China Report] Yingchuang 3D Printed Isolation House Assists Hubei to Start "War Epidemic"

China report (Xia Xiangyang report) Since the severe outbreak of pneumococcal infection of the new type of coronavirus in the Spring Festival this year, the effort to win this outbreak has been strongly supported by departments and enterprises at all levels including Shanghai response. On February 11th, 15 3D printed isolation houses were slowly hoisted in Shanghai's 3D printing high-tech enterprise and Yingchuang Construction Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Qingpu factory, and then set off after loading the car. They were transported to the Central Hospital of Xianning, Hubei Province, in an effort to resolve the immediate needs of frontline health care workers and patients at a critical time in the fight against the epidemic.